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Thread: LATEST NEWS!!!!!! i think;)

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    LATEST NEWS!!!!!! i think;)

    well here is news one with the headline and the detail

    NEWS 01:-Tea for the treatment of type-2 diabetes

    First mice, then humans

    Associate professor Per Mølgaard and postdoc Joan Campbell-Tofte from the Department of Medicinal Chemistry have previously tested the tea on genetically diabetic mice. The results of the tests showed that after six weeks of daily treatment with the African tea, combined with a low-fat diet, resulted in changes in the combination and amount of fat in the animals' eyes and protection of the fragile pancreas of the mice.

    The researchers have recently completed a four month long clinical test on 23 patients with type-2 diabetes and are more than satisfied with the result.

    'The research subjects drank 750ml of tea each day. The cure appears to differentiate itself from other current type-2 diabetes treatments because the tea does not initially affect the sugar content of the blood. But after four months of treatment with tea we can, however, see a significant increase in glucose tolerance,' said postdoc Joan Campbell-Tofte from the University of Copenhagen.

    Changes in fatty acid composition

    The clinical tests show another pattern in the changes in fatty acid composition with the patients treated in comparison with the placebo group.


    'In the patient group who drank the tea, the number of polyunsaturated fatty acids increased. That is good for the body's cells because the polyunsaturated fat causes the cell membranes to be more permeable, which results in the cells absorbing glucose better from the blood,' said Joan Campbell-Tofte.

    The researchers hope that new clinical tests and scientific experiments in the future will result in a new treatment for type-2 diabetics.

    NEWS 02:High-energy Electrons Could Come from Pulsars -- or Dark Matter

    FGST's Large Area Telescope, a collaboration between NASA, the U.S. Department of Energy and multiple international partners, has been scanning the skies for gamma rays and particles since its launch last summer. The LAT, which was partially constructed and assembled at SLAC, measured an unexpectedly high number of electrons with energies between 100 billion and one trillion electronvolts. This result is not likely if high-energy particles—also known as cosmic rays—are coming only from distant parts of the galaxy.

    "If these particles were emitted far away, they'd have lost a lot of their energy by the time they reached us," said LAT collaborator Luca Baldini of the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare in Pisa, Italy.

    When combined with other recent results, the LAT finding provides compelling evidence that something close by—probably less than 6,000 light years away—is churning out high-energy particles. The European satellite PAMELA, for example, last fall reported detecting surprisingly large quantities of high-energy positrons, the antimatter counterparts of electrons.

    "Between the PAMELA results and our results, it's very hard to construct a conventional galactic cosmic-ray model" explaining this number of high-energy particles, said SLAC Professor Elliott Bloom, who works on the LAT project. "You need relatively local sources of positrons and electrons."

    These local sources could be pulsars, rapidly rotating neutron stars that emit intense electromagnetic radiation, positrons and electrons. Or they could be dark matter elementary particles crashing into each other or decaying. Such processes also release high-energy particles, theorists propose.

    Physicists infer the existence of dark matter—which doesn't interact with any of the electromagnetic forces, making it invisible to our eyes and our instruments—from its gravitational effects on light and "normal matter" such as stars, planets and interstellar gas. Though studies suggest that dark matter is more than five times as abundant as normal matter, nobody has yet directly measured the strange material or characterized its nature. The LAT team isn't claiming to be the first.

    ok i think thtas enough for today further if u alll like such news then i will move on with it ok


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    it seems fresh news.........thnx for sharing...

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