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Thread: Wolves and Liars

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    Wolves and Liars

    My five year-old-son, he lies a lot,
    And I wanted it to end,
    So I told him about the boy who cried "wolf!"
    Hoping he would comprehend.

    "He kept crying 'wolf!' when there was no wolf,"
    I told my son, whom I adore.
    "When the wolf came to eat him, he called for help,
    But no one listened anymore."


    My son's eyes grew wide; It looked like he got it;
    My heart was all aglow.
    But he dashed my hopes when he said,
    "I was eaten by a wolf once, you know."

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    May God give patience to the mother...

    Well its my personal observation.. the most naughty kid grows up to be a most sensible man...

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    hm that's theh story of a wolf and liar... rite.
    that's a good inspiration to liars...and same to the people who hear.
    "i think what you hear is true... but what you believe is up to you.... "

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    nice lesson..........

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