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Thread: My love, I have to thank you

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    My love, I have to thank you

    My love, I have to thank you.

    You are all I 'ave ever wanted

    You are all I 'ave ever needed

    I can't forget that day

    My love I have to love you

    It's the only thing that's right

    It's like living in the perfect poem

    I love you so it overwhelms me

    Tears of joy streak from my eyes


    This has no rhyme, this has no rythm

    But that doesn't matter

    As long as all who read this know:

    I want to shout from the top of buildings,

    I want the world to know

    What I have found:

    This perfect love

    It lifts me up

    It aches inside

    Wanting all to hear what my heart has to say

    Wanting you to know what I feel each day

    When I see your face and that look in your eyes.

    I feel like I am perfect, like I have done no wrong

    I never thought I could feel this way

    Or love anyone the way I love you.

    I didn't realize anything was missing,

    Until I realized that you had filled a void.

    and I have to thank you

    for writing this song with me

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    very nice share.......keep it up buddy...

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    thanks...dr....hey... nw i'm looking at your profile... why put alone...??? are you alone???????

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    oye mamu kya hua????? no reply ... naraz ho kya????

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