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Thread: the real terrorist

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    the real terrorist

    Where is Palestine, and why are Palestinians unhappy with their lot?

    Once upon a time there was a place called Palestine, a land of milk & honey written about in a book called The Bible. This ended in 1948 when Ben-Gurion declared the creation of the State of Israel. Palestine was then flooded with Jews from Europe, later USA and other countries. These immigrants kicked the Palestinians out of their homes, off their farms and out of Palestine. Now the Palestinians are imprisoned in The Gaza Strip, a foul strip of desert between Israel & Egypt, or have been forced out to the west of The River Jordan. However even that is not enough for the Israelis, they keep expanding into the West Bank territory and creating settlements there and every couple of years have a turkey shoot, only it's not turkeys they're shooting.


    2008 - The Same Old Story - Slaughter by the Israelis

    Summary of the Israeli atrocities in Palestine.
    In 2008, up to 27th Dec., the home-made rockets that Hamas fired into Israel killed no-one. In return the Israelis killed 400 children and 900 adults. After the Israeli attacks Hamas rockets killed 3 Israeli civilians. The Israelis shelled clearly designated UN schools sheltering civilians and used white phosphorus against civilians, both of these actions are war crimes. USA supplied, free, the aircraft, helicopter gunships, missiles, bombs and bullets for these attacks and will block any international condemnation of Israel in UN.

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    mmm... but real terrorists r behind the screen.... and the terrorist on screens r paid ppl by real terrorists....

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    sad to know this....

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    such unbalanced power is the reason for the terrorism from both sides.

    Once Qazi Hussain ahmed was invited to Japan for visit. on visiting heroshima nagasaki , in japan , the japani govt. conveyed a message that nuclear power can be too dangerous. (at that time Pakistan was not a declared nuclear power)

    Qazi Hussain replied to them , that if at that time , when america was going to bomb this city , if you people have that nuclear weapon, they cant even think of doing it.....

    so Balance of Power is necessary. because in todays world , the might is called the right...

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