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Thread: Not full before it runs over...

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    Not full before it runs over...

    If you only pack along with intellect you are able to carry along a lorry with coco nuts on a rickshaw.


    This salesman from Mysore in India packs all his salestuff on a three wheel rickshaw. He was on his way to the market when the picture was taken by a photograf.
    comfortable hidden under hundreds of nuts committees he slow but comparatively certainly the load towards the market.
    And he has told that the market closes by the time he is there.

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    it also gives us a message

    that we should be clear about our goal plan.

    we all want to be rich.

    and many people compromise their health in this long way to richness,

    and when we reach at our destiny..... we regret...

    oh ...... my health , i cant buy it with money now , its too late..... i have high sugar , high blood pressure , etc....

    so we should be clear about our goals.

    one financial goal must not be obtained by crushing other health or relationship goals.

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