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Thread: Names, How They Affect Personality?

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    Names, How They Affect Personality?

    Your name is your identity. Do you know how a name can affect your personality? Read on to find out. Your name is something so very yours, yet seldom used by you. But, it is of great importance, to you and the people around, for your name is your identity. What everyone calls you by is what you are known by. It is something that is tightly linked to you. Interestingly, your name is also something devised by someone else, although you have to live with it throughout life! Does your name affect your personality?

    Names, How They Affect Personality

    Some researchers have found an unusual association between a name of a person and his/her personality. People with names starting or ending with the same letter are believed to have similar natures. At times, people with same names are seen to have similar personalities. Some believe in the concept of an attribute being associated with every letter of the alphabet. They believe that the personality of an individual is a combination of the traits linked with each letter in the spelling of his/her name.

    Certain other researches have established an astonishing relationship between one’s name and the physical or psychological disease he/she is bound to have. There have been cases where the meaning or the pronunciation of a person’s name was similar to the ailment he/she was suffering from. Names have served as indicators of ailments in these cases. However, these instances may have been coincidences as well!

    Logically, your name being your parents’ choice, should reflect their taste, not yours. You do not choose your own name. It is always someone else who does that. Then, how can your name reflect your personality? What do you think?


    Moreover, the meaning of your name can be relative. A word can mean differently in different languages. Names differ across cultures and communities. We often come across people with identical names and different personalities. An individual’s personality is a result of many external and inborn factors. It cannot be a derivative of one’s name. Definitely not!

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    nice share..

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