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Thread: How to buy ladies and gents watches.?

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    How to buy ladies and gents watches.?

    How to buy ladies and gents watches.?

    Many people become afraid to select a ladies watch. But it is not too hard as many think. Lets discuss how to select a ladies watch.

    To begin think what type of ladies watch you want. After deciding about a ladies watch search it in the internet.Get the price of it at various sites. Also search for reviews on the selected ladies watch.

    you can check locally at outlet stores. so before buying the ladies watch you will have to check both offline and online.

    There is no reason to worry to go around for a buying deal. This is one of the main problem people have. Many times people go to store, see a good price, and buy it. There are chances, if you go around a little bit, you may find a better price somewhere else. In most cases the first place where you go for shopping does not offer the best prices. So do not usually settle on the first place. Go around and then compare the prices. That is the reason that many people prefer to shop online. It is really easier to compare price this way online.


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    How to Buy a Men's Watch ?

    Five watch terms that will make you sound like an industry pro

    1. Complication
    Any function of a watch that goes beyond simple timekeeping. Could be an annual or lunar calendar, could be something as basic as a stopwatch.

    2. Movement
    All those bits and pieces inside that run the thing.

    3. Quartz
    A movement powered by a battery and regulated by the oscillations of a quartz crystal. It’s way more accurate than other watch types—which isn’t to say we necessarily recommend you buy one.

    Montblanc TimeWalker with alligator strap, $1,950.

    Five watch terms that will make you sound like an industry pro

    4. Self-winding
    A type of mechanical watch, containing a rotor on a pivot, that’s wound by the day-to-day movements of the wearer’s wrist. It’s also referred to as automatic.

    5. Water-resistant
    Just because a watch says it’s water-resistant doesn’t mean you should swim or shower with it on. To be safe, only do so if it’s water-resistant up to one hundred meters

    The Classics
    Buy any one of these signature watches and you can’t go wrong

    Aged to Perfection
    What you should know about buying vintage

    If you want a timepiece with stand-out style—or just one that no one else can get—think vintage. But in watchspeak, vintage means more than just cool-looking or rare. Edward Faber, owner of New York vintage retailer Aaron Faber Gallery, uses the term to define collectible watches made between 1935 (roughly when Swiss technological improvements like shockproofing were invented) and 1985 (when CAD/CAM, a computer system that factored out the watchmaker’s hand, became the manufacturing standard).

    Next: Faber tells you what you need to know.

    All (except Rolex) at Aaron Faber Gallery. Rolex at Steven Alan.

    A Watch for Every Occasion

    For Formal Affairs
    Your watch should be as precise and understated as your tuxedo. It should be thin, and it should have a black leather strap.

    Piaget, $9,500.

    Secret Service
    Your watch needs a tune-up. Alexander Vileshin, of Manhattan’s Watch Central, explains

    How Long It Will Take
    “The average for a Swiss manufacturer is two to four months: American repair shops keep watches four to eight weeks.”

    The Exception
    “Everything can be repaired except watches that are older than twenty-five or thirty years. The hands might get rusted, but it’s better to leave in parts than have them replaced. It’s like a painting: Fixing it looks great, but it depreciates in value.”

    Black Time AO5 Chiffre Rouge by Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane, $3,950.

    Time Is Money
    What exactly is the difference between a $2,500 watch and a $25,000 watch? Hint: It’s got nothing to do with diamonds

    When it comes to serious watches, $2,500 gets you in the door. Anything less and you’ll generally wind up with something that lacks an artisanal pedigree. In other words, it will most likely be mass-produced. “It won’t be as well finished,” says Amit Handa, vice president of Boston-based luxury-watch retailer Alpha Omega. At this price, you’ll generally be looking at simple, well-made watches in a nonprecious metal with few or no complications at all. We recommend this steel self-winding chronograph from Baume & Mercier, made in Geneva—one of the best in its class.

    Baume & Mercier, $2,695.

    Fashionable Times
    These fashion labels take their timepieces seriously

    Hermès Cape Cod, left, $1,825
    In 1998, Martin Margiela, then head designer of the esteemed Parisian powerhouse, souped up the Cape Cod with a double-wrap leather strap.

    Louis Vuitton Tambour Regatta Cup, center, $7,730
    The Tambour Regatta Cup Automatic Chronograph, produced to commemorate Vuitton’s yachting competition, is the label’s most elite and is fitted with its own “LV 171 caliber” movement.

    Chanel J12, right, $5,600
    With a case molded out of eye-catching black or white ceramic—a light-, heat-, and shock-resistant material used in aeronautics—it is one of the most distinctive watches you can strap on.

    Why “Swiss-Made” Matters

    Swiss watches are like Italian ties: Quality has something to do with the appeal, but really it’s the philosophy that counts. These days you can buy a watch from Germany, France, Russia, or Japan and it’ll probably serve you just as well. But when you invest in a watch that’s been made in Geneva, hand-assembled by artisans whose grandfathers taught them and whose ancestors crafted timepieces for Napoleon and his ilk, what you’re buying into is history. And tradition. And in watchmaking, that’s what it’s all about.

    Boys Happy Now?????

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