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Thread: What is GM diet ?

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    What is GM diet ?

    General Motors Diet program. By this you may loose 5-7 Kgs a week. But, once you go through this one week, your skin will become extremely dry and also you may start loosing your hair. Very good wieght looser. but also has a lot of side effects.

    Please think twice befor using the same.

    7 Day Diet Plan


    Day 1: All Fruits and Juices, Eat as much as you can , but avoid BANANAS
    Did you know : Day 1 helps you to get rid of your 0.5kg. to 1kg. of your weight.

    Day 2: Vegetables & Vegetables Soup. Vegetables may be boiled or can be taken raw with little salt & pepper.
    Did you know :Raw food include all the nutritive contents that is needed by the human body.

    Day 3: You can have Fruits , Vegetables & Vegetable Soups.
    Did you Know : Fruits & Fruit juices help our body to get rid of maximum toxins that are formed in our body itself.

    Day 4: 8 Bananas & 4 glasses of milk. It is likely that you may not be able to consume all the bananas.

    Did you Know : Bananas are the only fruits which contain readily available glucose required for our body.

    Day 5: Have 4 red tomatoes & sprouts.
    Did you know :Sprouts are full of proteins. Tomatoes help in supplying the calcium content.

    Day 6: 1 Big Boiled Potato with a pat of butter & Soup made up of Sprouts.
    Did you Know : The best form of potatoes to be consumed are BOILED POTATOES. Never try the Fried version of it.

    Day 7: Baked or Boiled Vegetables and Red Polished Rice .
    Did you Know :SUGAR adds to your weight .

    Drink lots of water throughout. Tea or coffee may taken but without sugar

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    nice info..

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    very fine.thanks

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