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Thread: "Happy face"on the Red Planet Mars

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    "Happy face"on the Red Planet Mars

    "Happy face"on the Red Planet Mars

    Probe images 'smiley face' crater

    Crater Galle contains parallel gullies on its southern rim, a possible sign of liquid water running on Mars' surface.

    Its interior has also been shaped by the action of wind and shows signs of "dust devil" tracks, which have removed the bright surface coating of dust.


    A US space agency (Nasa) orbiter has also sent back its first colour image after arriving at Mars on 11 March.

    The "face" in the European images was first pointed out in photos taken during Nasa's Viking Orbiter 1 mission.

    The 230km- (143 mile-) wide impact crater contains a large stack of layered sediments which forms an outcrop in the southern part of the crater

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    truely amazing is this

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    yes it is amazing.

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