Teen Hair Styles

While you hate to generalize, it is true that certain styles look best on different hair colors. That certainly does not mean that you cannot wear your hair anyway you like, regardless of your hair color, but it does mean that you should consider some styles more than others based on the color of your hair.
When it comes to teen hair styles, in addition to changing the style of your hair, you can improve the way it looks by making subtle changes to the color and maintenance. Whether you want a teen hair style that makes you look a little more grown up or something fun and funky, consider the following recommendations to help you look your best.
Blonde Hair

If you have blonde hair from a bottle, having problems with dry hair and frizz are common. For this reason, it is important that when you blow dry your hair, you always use a moistening conditioner first. This will help reconstruct your hair, keeping the ends from breaking.
Although there are numerous products on the market, one of the best for people having gone from dark to blonde hair is BC Bonacure’s Repair Treatment. This product has a wheat/honey protein base that works to strengthen and reconstruct the hair. The same is true for individuals with blonde highlights. You want to use a good moisturizing conditioner such as Sebastian’s Potion 9 or Redkin’s Extreme Shampoo.

Another way to add moisture to blonde hair is by having lowlights added. Typically, with teen hair styles, lowlights are sliced through other lightening foils, as a way of adding depth while darkening some areas of the stressed hair. This allows the hair to recover, as it absorbs the pigmentation that is lacking.

Finally, consider using a type of conditioner on your hair that has silk in it. This helps protect your hair from damage caused by coloring and blow-drying. To enjoy the benefits, all you need to do is use a small, dime size amount. Simply rub it into the palms of your hands and then work it through your hair. You will notice an immediate improvement in both texture and shine.

Brown Hair

For teen hair styles involving brown hair, a great style is the Bob, which has come back into popularity over the past several years. The nice thing about wearing a Bob is that you do not necessarily have to have short hair, just the shape changed. The nicest Bob is one where the hair has some layers. By having a variety of layers, you will have the option of wearing your hair straight or making it appear sassy.
For example, while you could blow the ends under to create the traditional Bob look, you can always curl the ends up, getting it to hold with pomade, gel, or hairspray. Just remember that if you do wear it flipped up, you do not want it to be tight, but a flowing, soft look.

With a Bob, you can be a little braver with the color and contrast. Because of the varying layers, this is the perfect opportunity to have your colorist use several different shades of color in your hair. For instance, you could use two different tones of brown on the top, and then a rich, chocolate or auburn color on the bottom.

Finally, try changing the Bob from the traditional sense by adding different angles. In this case, you could have both sides cut at a severe angle or you could choose to have one side cut shorter than the other side. Because this look is dramatic, stylish, and very trendy, it is a perfect teen hair style.

Red Hair
If you want some pizzazz in the teen hair styles, go red! No matter what the shade, red hair is beautiful, sexy, and makes a definite statement. For teens tired of looking like everyone else, try red hair. You will find a huge array of colors and shades including copper blonde, strawberry blonde, dark copper, and fire engine red! Then, you can always have plum or golden-blonde highlights added for depth and interest. Just remember that if you go too red, you might want to talk to your parents first.

If your current hair color were brown or a dark shade of blonde, highlights of copper, golden-blonde copper, or deep, rich copper would be wonderful choices. If you are brave and want something a little more exciting, then choose deep plum or mahogany lowlights.

If your hair were dark brown or black, a berry red or fire engine red would look best. Then to enhance the new color, you can have copper, plum, or mahogany highlights added. If you prefer something a little more subdued, then choose a red-brown or dark plum color.

Look at Ashlee Simpson’s hair for example. Although her natural color is blonde, she has fun with teen hair styles, currently sporting dark hair. For Ashlee, she was concerned about being typecast, trying to establish herself as an individual and not the baby sister to Jessica Simpson. Ashlee is a prime example of how you can enjoy the various teen hair styles, finding something that allows your personality to shine.