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Thread: wht would u do if a taxi driver refuses to ?

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    wht would u do if a taxi driver refuses to ?

    how are u every one ..

    today we are gunna talk about a proplem wich we face it every day ...

    the question is ... what would u do if a taxi driver refuses to take u ..?

    and I think alot of guys and girls here face this this proplem ...

    dont tell me u all have a cars now


    for me .. am bored of these taxi drivers ... coz when u tell him am going to ............. for example .... he say : no .. close the door ... I say why .. he says coz of the traffic jam

    then why they drive a taxi?

    so .. everyone post here and tell us ... if he has ever tried this

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    Yes i am facing this problem daily.

    When i ask that i want to go to my office, they will say:
    1. I am not going that way
    2. Pay 5 MYR extra on taxi fare
    3. Too much jam.

    I have always faced this problem here. Only solutions out of this is to pay them extra or either take bus.

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