Bride hair styles

For your upcoming wedding, you want to look like a princess. This day is the one day of your lif when you want everything perfect. Choosing the right bride hair style can be a little overwhelming but with careful planning, considering all your options, you will have the wedding of your dreams.
Whether you wear your hair short, medium, or long, you have a multitude of bride hair styles from which to choose. If you have medium or long hair and want to wear your hair up, you can choose a bun, topknot, or French braid and then to enhance the style, anchor it with shortsticks or some of type of elegant hair jewelry. Just remember that you want your hairstyle to complement your gown and the overall theme and formality of the wedding.
Unless you have a friend or family member that can do hair, you should consider a professional when it comes to bride hair styles, especially if you plan to go with an updo. Some brides try to do this on their own, only to find they are frustrated, rushed, and not pleased with the outcome. Instead, save yourself the time and aggravation, booking a trial-run appointment and then the real appointment. This way, the hairstylist can work with your hair and veil or headpiece, determining the best style for your gown and face.

A very popular choice when it comes to bride hair styles is the traditional bun. However, this style has been revised so that now, you can create stitching in which the bun is created against the head, using an in and out motion similar to sewing while taking hair sticks and inserting them in a crossed pattern. The result is a very sophisticated style that is ideal for all types of weddings.

The braided bun is yet another option that works well with long hair. For this bride hair style, you would start by putting your hair in a standard, English bun. Then, the ends of the hair are pulled into a ponytail wrap, and while you start the same process of forming the bun, with the braided option, the ends are tucked under the coil just before you add hair sticks. Very lavish, this is a perfect choice for a formal wedding.

Another sophisticated hairstyle that works well with all different hair types but not very well with thick or long hair is the Classic French Twist. Having been a favorite among bride hair styles for many years, you cannot go wrong choosing this style. To create this timeless style, you want to first fasten your hair in a ponytail wrap, dividing it into three sections.

Then, you want to grasp the hair at the base of the neck, twisting it to the left a number of times. Now, very slowly, you will swing the ponytail up and to the right, again using a twisting motion. The goal is to create a roll at the back of the head. You need to keep twisting the hair going all the way to the very ends. At that point, the rest of the ponytail will be folded down. The last step of this bride hair style includes tucking the hair under. To secure this style, you will need to use several hair sticks, working your way down the edge with a sewing motion. Although this bride hair style is commonly used, it is stunning.

These are just a few of the many bride hair styles you can choose from but as you make your decision, just remember that you want the hair to serve as a complement and not become the focal point of the wedding. By choosing, a hairstyle that works well with your gown and headpiece will help you look amazing on your wedding day.

The most important thing is to work with a professional that you feel comfortable with and one that will try a number of styles to find what you like best. If you have photographs of other weddings from magazines or ones you have attended, take them with you to the stylist, which will be a huge benefit.