Bridal Hair Styles

Choosing the right, bridal hair style and veil for your wedding can be a bit overwhelming. After all, this is the biggest day of your life and you want to look amazing. Some brides can wear their hair down with a simple veil and look like a million bucks while others prefer something more elaborate. No matter what style of bridal hair style you choose, you want to make sure the hairstyle and veil complement each other.
Many brides choose to wear their hair up, which creates a timeless elegance that is often the choice for a traditional or formal wedding. This particular bridal hair style can be modified in many ways to fit the shape of your face and personal preference. Additionally, veils are very easy to match with a hairstyle that is up opposed to wearing the hair down. If you plan to have your hair styled up, you should keep a few things in mind for the best look.
- The shape of your face will play a huge role in the bridal hair style that you and your stylist choose. For a round face, you want a sleeker hairstyle, choosing a longer veil to help pull the face down. If your face were narrower, you would want to choose bridal hair styles and veils that are fuller to help create some depth to your face. A good, qualified stylist will be able to help you determine the style that will make you look gorgeous on your wedding day.

- When choosing a longer veil, you do not want it to hang any lower than your waistline, much what you would find with the Fingertip style. Styles like Ballet or Chapel are too heavy to wear long. If you do have a longer veil, your bridal hair style will need to be tight in order to hold the additional weight. A wonderful style to consider is called a “Chignon.” This style is beautifully gathered into a roll at the nape of the neck and is very romantic. The Juliet topknot would be another excellent choice. With this style, the hair is carefully twisted into a tight coil that is on the top of your head, creating a regal look.

- For a more dramatic look, longer pieces of hair can be beautifully woven into your own hair, as a way of creating a flowing, bridal hair style. The French twist has long been a favorite of many brides in that it is sophisticated, delicate, and elegant. With this particular bridal hair style, the hair is gathered into a ponytail that rides low. Then, the hair is swept along the back of the head where you have you magnificent roll appearance, which is chic and will never go out of style.

- If you want to wear your hair down, having a “tousled” look is beautiful. With this bridal hair style, the hair appears somewhat tangled and wind-blown look, although it is not. To hold the style, your hair will be set with hairspray and/or mousse and then styled so it looks natural and free but not messy.

- Keep in mind that if you are not overly excited about wearing your hair up or down, there are in between options. As an example, you could have your hair at the crown swept back while the rest is allowed to fall gracefully about your shoulders. Another nice option is to put your hair up but then pull long strands around your face and at the back of your head.

Again, work with a qualified stylist who will be happy to provide you with something exceptional. It is best to choose the bridal hair style first and then buy the veil based on the style. Then a few weeks before the wedding, have your stylist go through a trial run with your veil to make any last minute changes.

If you are just not sure what you want, you can search bridal magazines to look at the latest bridal hair styles to see if you find something that you like. If not, then talk to your hairstylist and ask for recommendations. Many times, a bride will meet with her stylist several times so that a variety of bridal hair styles can be tried. If you choose to do this, you will have an actual idea of the styles that look best.