Dangers of the Atkins Diet

Dangers of the Atkins Diet
Following are some of the dangers of the atkins diet:

Rosenbloom and the ADA believe that this type of diet can have a negative long-
term impact on health. “It’s so high in cholesterol and fat and total fat -- the opposite of what all the health organizations, from the American Heart Association to the American Dietetic Association, recommend,” Rosenbloom points out. And she noted that the diet “is also low in fruits and vegetables and whole grains”-- foods with
proven health benefits. While some of the vitamins and minerals in these foods
can be obtained through supplements, other benefits -- like fiber or
phytochemicals -- can only be found at the source.

The American Institute for Cancer Research has also evaluated the Atkins’ diet and their assessment is quite alarming. They say that the high-protein, high- fat, low-carbohydrate Atkins diet tends to promote the loss of water weight, and that if such an imbalanced diet is maintained, the body soon reverts to the fasting state of ketosis, in which the body begins to break down muscle tissue instead of fat over the term.

Finally, nothing about the Atkins diet encourages the dieter to learn some very
basic weight management strategies like portion control and serving sizes, let
alone develop the skills necessary for a lifetime of balanced nutrition.