Atkins Diet Results

Atkins Diet Results
Many people have shared their results from the atkins diet. These atkins diet results provide people with encouragement and hope to continue the atkins diet and achieve effective weight loss results. Some of the atkins diet results are:

Atkins Diet Result 1
I have used the high protein/low-zero carb regimen since 1972 and have had NO PROBLEMS

Atkins Diet Result 2
I have lost 30 pounds and full expect to be on some version of this plan for the rest of my life.

Atkins Diet Result 3
I have been on the Atkin's diet for 5 years now.

Atkins Diet Result 4
It has been my lifestyle diet for almost 5 years - I feel wonderful and full of energy.

Atkins Diet Result 5
I lost 80 Lbs., and have kept it off for the last 7 years.

Atkins Diet Result 6
Dr. Atkins diet has enabled me to MAINTAIN my weight for over 18 months.

Atkins Diet Result 7
I dropped 30 lbs. and four inches from my waistline the first six months and have easily stayed at 200 lb. since then.

Atkins Diet Result 8
Through the winter I had gone on and off it and still maintained my weight