Do you believe in yourself are you taking risks or playing it safe? Only the people who are willing to take some kind of risks in life are the ones who succeed in life. Yes you can have a nice life if you do not take risks; however you will never live up to your true potential. You must realize that you possess an infinite source of potential; that you have not yet tapped into. There is absolutely no reason why you should not believe in yourself.
However if you are attempting to raise your belief in yourself and work on your self confidence then there are certain exercises you can do on a daily basis to begin raising your belief in yourself:

1) You can begin using daily affirmations: that will assist you to raise your self confidence. Wake up every morning and say at least 3-5 affirmations that help you feel great. The best thing to do is tape them on your bathroom mirror since you are going to be looking in the mirror while you are getting ready for the day. As you say the affirmations begin seeing yourself as the person that the affirmation describes. If one of your affirmations is "I am successful" begin feeling the feelings of success. It is not hard to feel successful; we have all felt the feelings of success at one point in our lives. Maybe you were on a softball team, and your team won the championship. That made you feel successful because your team was unbeaten and you had won a trophy. This is just an example you can tie any kind of success story you have had in your life and remember the feelings that you felt.

2) Set goals: Many people refuse to set goals because deep down they do not believe that they will be able to accomplish them. They fail before they even start by self sabotaging themselves. If you set small short term goals and begin taking action to reach them before long you will begin to believe in yourself and you will possess the confidence to begin setting long term goals.

3) Take action: This is the backbone and is needed to reach the goals that you set in step 2. Without action you may as well forget about the goals that you set for yourself. No matter if you feel like you are ready or not just begin taking action. You will never be truly ready for anything different in life; successful people understand this however they do not let that stop them. That is the reason they are successful.

4) Read positive material: This is extremely important to help you begin to believe in yourself. The more positive material you can put in your mind the more self confidence you will build.

You are a very talented person and you can be do have anything you desire. However you must be willing to take a little bit of risks in your life. If you can get past your fear long enough to begin taking action; your fear will disappear.