Atkins Diet Disadvantages

Atkins Diet Disadvantage 1: Although a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine is sometimes cited as providing evidence that the Atkins Diet works, in fact its conclusion is that although more weight was lost at the end of 6 months on the Atkins Diet than on a low calorie diet, after one year, the difference was insignificant.
Atkins Diet Disadvantage 2: The same study found that both types of diet, Atkins and low calorie, had a large drop out rate so it seems the apparent choice of food on the Atkins Diet is not a sufficient inducement to keep people on it.
Atkins Diet Disadvantage 3: The metabolic processes involved in using fat for energy instead of carbohydrates can lead to increased uric acid and ketones which can cause kidney problems, gout and headaches.
Atkins Diet Disadvantage 4: There can be low amounts of dietary fibre on the Atkins Diet leading to constipation and chronic bowel disease.
Atkins Diet Disadvantage 5: Some experts believe that the high amounts of animal fat eaten on the Atkins Diet can have a bad effect on cholesterol levels and can lead to cardiac disease.
Atkins Diet Disadvantage 6: There is some argument that a reduction in carbohydrates automatically leads to a reduction in calories because many high fat foods are unpalatable in large quantities without carbohydrates. For example, many people would not want to eat an egg without bread either fresh or toasted, or a burger without the bun or at least potatoes.
Atkins Diet Disadvantage 7: The Atkins diet doesn't conform to the American Heart Association's dietary guidelines for a healthy heart.