Atkins Diet and Alcohol

Atkins Diet and Alcohol
Alcohol interferes with weight loss as the body given a choice will burn alcohol for energy before burning fat. Alcohol may also cause bloating, gas and cravings for sweets.

Is alcohol allowed on Atkins Induction Phase?
Alcohol is not allowed during atkins induction phase.

Which Phase of Atkins is alcohol allowed to be consumer?
Moderate consumption of alcohol is allowed during Atkins Ongoing weight loss phase, Atkins pre-maintenance phase and Atkins lifetime maintenance phase if it does not interferes with weight loss and weight maintenance.

Is light beer allowed on Atkins?
Although light beer is lower in grams of carbs, it may cause yeast related symptoms such as bloating, gas and cravings for sugar. Atkins dieters who are yeast sensitive should limit beer consume or eliminate it from their diet.

How many carbs does alcohol contain?
Carb count varies by type of alcoholic drink. Refer to alcohol carb counter for alcohol carb gram count.