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Thread: Why Do We Love to Eat Chocolate?

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    Why Do We Love to Eat Chocolate?

    Have you ever wondered why do we love to eat chocolate so much? Many of us will come up with a simple answer like it tastes so good that it is difficult to resist it. However, the answer is a lot more complex. It has a lot to do with the way our body reacts to it.

    Chocolate has certain chemicals that stimulate the brains. These chemicals are naturally present and make this delicious treat into a mild mood elevator. It helps to bring the stress levels down and this may explain why many people without even knowing it stuff themselves with it when they are angry, upset or depressed.


    In addition, there are certain types that have antioxidants that help to fight infection and foreign bodies that may cause illnesses. With high levels of antioxidants in the body, a person is less likely to contract viruses.

    Another reason that we eat this sinful delight, which is the main reason for most people, is that our taste buds get stimulated by the sheer taste. Just eating it and relishing its taste puts many of us into good mood. The taste invariably will evoke some happy memory and most people get lost for those moments while they are chewing on a piece.

    Just like everything else in life, eating too much is bad for our health. If eaten in moderation, we can reap certain health benefits that this much-loved treat affords. The last thing we want is high cholesterol levels or a problem with our weight. So, just enjoy your delicious treat and spend a few moments to think about why we love to eat chocolate.

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    i m not addicted to chocolates... thank God...

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    hey u know, i just can't eat sweet things...if its chocolate or something else...

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    kia how is that possible

    i just love chocolates

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