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Thread: Be Inspired: How Can We Make the Impossible, Possible

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    Be Inspired: How Can We Make the Impossible, Possible

    Be Inspired: How Can We Make the Impossible, Possible

    Modern day life is fast, complex and uncertain. We often come across events in life when we feel that we have lost control. For example, when we suffer a relationship breakdown or when we lose a job. We become puzzled and worry about what to do.

    Sometimes we lose faith on our inner self. Everything seems impossible; we doubt our capacities. Did it ever happen to you? It had happened to me few times, and at that moment, I thought I would not be able to sail through the turbulent waters of life.

    I worried and I experienced the fear of doubt. Does worrying help? Does worry help us to achieve anything? Certainly not, it drains our energy and makes us feel helpless and powerless.

    So, what should we do? The answer to this question is: lead your life according to the spiritual principles. And I find this piece of knowledge from Saint Francis of Assisi useful and empowering. He said,

    "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

    I always apply this principle in my life, and you won’t believe it’s power till you experience it yourself. It gives enormous strength and an extended sense of direction.

    Let me share with you what I do when I face a deadlock. I make myself calm and consider what Saint Francis of Assisi said. Then, I start exploring the means and take action by doing only that is necessary to achieve the goal. I stop worrying. Then, I give my 100% and do the tasks to the best of my ability i.e. what I can possibly do as a human being, and not worrying about events that are beyond my control. And what happens next? I would like to leave this part for you to experience yourself.


    I am sure you will have different expectation and experiences please share it with us. And I would like to end this article by reminding you and me that “We have unlimited potential”

    Gravity Defying Sand Scuplture

    Sure or not? Especially now that there are so many photo-editing programs that can be used to make the seemingly impossible possible and mislead the innocence.

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    am fully agree n very true........nice post.

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    good share..

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