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Thread: It's Hard to Say Goodbye

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    It's Hard to Say Goodbye

    I sit here and think back
    To these past four years
    Memories flood to my mind
    And in my eyes, appear the tears

    Through these years I've experienced
    The love, the joy and pain
    Learning each and every day
    While precious memories remained

    I can't believe how fast it came
    How quickly four years went by
    That part of life seemed to have passed
    With just one blink of my eyes

    They say we're to enter a new road
    And face new challenges ahead
    Towards an unknown future
    In the life we've already lead

    But the sound of that scares me
    Because it involves change
    It frightens me to go on further
    On this road that seems so strange

    Yet I know I can't avoid it
    Because that's what life is about
    Discovering what the future holds
    While walking on the different routes

    The memories of these past years
    Nothing will ever replace
    I capture one last picture
    Of each and every face

    I will never forget these people
    The ones I now call my friends
    How do I say goodbye
    When it all comes to an end?

    From them I've learned so much
    How to love and how to care
    I cannot imagine going on
    With some of them not being there

    life prepared me for everything
    Except for how to say goodbye
    That moment has now arrived
    And all I want to do is cry

    But I will hold back my tears
    And face this moment in time
    I know wherever life may lead us
    We will all turn out fine

    Someday we will meet again
    And be like how we used to
    But till that day comes, just know
    I will never forget any of you...

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    nice post

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