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Thread: Behind the scenes at Dubai Fashion Week

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    Behind the scenes at Dubai Fashion Week

    Delhi-based designer Ekta Singh was in knots of sorts on Sunday at the trial fitting session for Dubai Fashion Week. Her opening pieces - sheer tunics teamed with bikinis and hotpants - had to be lined to suit local sensibilities.

    Singh had planned to introduce four sheer tunics, but was forced to come up with a back-up plan and get hold of a tailor, buy some lining material and then sew it on the transparent tunics.


    For designers at Dubai Fashion Week, the trial fitting session ahead of a runway show is akin to a pregnant woman going into labour.

    There's a palpable tension and a sense of nervous expectation, the result of months of working on a gestating collection, although out of politeness, there are no blood-curdling screams.

    A model reflects backstage at the trial fitting session at the Media Rotana Hotel before taking to the catwalk.

    As they waited for their turn to be ushered into the dressing room, most of models sought solace in books. What's more, the catwalkers were not in the least catty, as one of them was heard promising to lend her copy of The Kite Runner as soon as she was done with it.

    As far as stereotypes go, the glorified clothes hanger label attached to models must be one of the hardest to shake. But skinny lattes weren't the only accessory in their hands, as this model demonstrates.

    Designer Reem Ali Beljafla making the finishing touches on her collection.

    Pakistani-based designer Amir Adnan was ecstatic about making his debut in DFW. His long-flowing silk chiffon gowns studded with crystals looked ethereal.

    Expecting 180cm-plus runway-ready models, Adnan had to make peace with models hitting the 160cm mark. However, he took control of the sliding sartorial situation, as an emotional roller coaster took him from disbelief to despair to quiet resignation.

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