Home Recycling Tips

Home Recycling Tips
1. Call your local recycling center to determine what types of materials they accept, if they do curbside pick-up and if they provide recycling bins.
2. Purchase or make the number of recycling bins to match the number of different types of materials you will recycle (i.e, one bin for cans, one bin for plastics, one bin for glass).
3. Place the recycling bins in an accessible area called the 'family recycling center.'
4. Place an extra bin in the kitchen with a sign on it saying 'Place All Recyclable Materials Here.'
5. Assign some person in the family the daily recycling chore.
6. Once a day (or more if needed), rinse and crush the items in the 'kitchen' recycling bin.
7. Take the rinsed and crushed items to the family recycling center.
8. Sort the items and place them in the appropriate bins.
9. If you have curbside pick-up, remember to put the bins out on the assigned day.
10. If you must take your recyclables to the recycling center, choose a regular day.


Rinsing your recyclables also promotes a sanitary recycling environment.