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Thread: Heaven is full

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    Heaven is full

    A Priest, A Doctor & an Engineer
    A priest, a doctor and a fresh engineer die and go the heavens gate, they hear GOD'S voice and it says " My sons i am really very sorry but the heaven is full and i can accommodate only one of u. so to choose the rightful person one by one tell me what u have done in ur lifetime."

    The priest goes up first and says" well GOD i am a priest i am ur humble servent and have spent all my life working to spread ur message."

    The doctor goes up next and says " well i am a doctor and i have helped thousands of people recover from there illnesses and saved countless lives."

    The engineer goes up and says " well I worked as a s/w engineer and...."before the engineer could say any further the heavens' gate opened and GOD came out with tears in his eyes and said to the engineer " Say no more my son come with me coz u have already been through hell."

    Moral of the story: engineers always land up in heaven because their life is hell.So all u engineers do what ever u want, your place in heaven is fixed.

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    very well

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