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Thread: Who is saying 'I Love You' to Ash?

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    Who is saying 'I Love You' to Ash?

    Aishwarya received a whole lot of desi love while shooting for Mani Ratnam's Ravana in Kolkatta where the villagers kept shouting out "I Love You" to her.

    Aishwarya was shooting a scene in a boat and eager crowds pressed together to get a glimpse of the action.

    According to a person present at the site many from the crowd tried to swim towards the boat to see Ash up close.

    Fans apparently yelled out "I love you" while she was shooting alone which changed to 'Bodhi'(sister-in-law) once hubby Abhishek appeared on the sets.

    Mani Ratnam was much amused with this, say sources.


    Well, well, guess Ash still generates a lot of desi interest...with or without hubby in tow.

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    hmmmmmmmm....boli tu apun ku bhi ache lagti hai...

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