well friends ask me that why they post emails to [email protected] but their emails are not included in the group , why this happens?

first of all , understand this point that every email send to nidokidos group is not approved. moderator (a group manager) views email first , if her likes that email then he approves this message for the community otherwise he rejects.

Rejecting a message can be due to many reasons.

for example

1) email was old / repeating. and i think no body will like to check same emails again and again

2) email was not for general viewers.
our group material is for all viewers of all ages. so keep in mind before sending an email that is your message is interesting for all the family members?


3) email was meaning less.
for exmple , sending an email with this text "hell friends , i am a new member " this information is good for us , but not good enough to be emailed to all the group. so........

4) copyright + hotlinking
dont send copyrighted material. dont use hotlinking. because both are crimes and we dont want to be a criminal so we dont approve such emails

5) and in last , please consider that we have to select best emails to be published. no body can check 100 emails daily from his inbox. we select best of the best mails and approve them.

so i think these 5 reasons are good enough which make a base of principles for us to reject or approve emails.