Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) announced the launch of 'Hanuman: Boy Warrior' here in Mumbai.

Developed by Aurona Technologies Limited, it is a maiden game ever to be completely developed on PS2 (PlayStation2) by an Indian game development studio.

Also, it is the first game based on Indian mythological content to be published by SCEE and its can be played in Hindi as well as English.

The game's launch is the culmination of a journey that was started by SCEE, when the first ever Game Developer's Conference for PlayStation platform was held last year in Mumbai.

The journey resulted in the growth of Aurona Technologies in partnership with SCEE that moved on to the development and publishing of the unique game based on Hanuman's life.

The game has been exclusively developed for PS2 and will be available in the Indian market at a suggested retail price of Rs. 499.

It is based on two phases of Hanuman's life Bal Hanuman (childhood) and Yuva Hanuman (Young adulthood).

The game revolves around the obstacles he faced and the enemies he encountered and how Hanuman uses powers to overcome those adversities.


It ends with victory over the evils and lives up to Indian mythology's positive moral message.

Atindriya Bose, country manager PlayStation, Sony Computer Entertainment, said they were very proud to launch the first Indian game on PS2 with localized content completely developed in India.

"Hanuman is our very own classic hero and is ever popular across India and with Indians abroad.

The launch of 'Hanuman: Boy Warrior' has marked a very significant milestone in the Indian game development industry and also signifies the importance we attached to the Indian market and the Indian game development industry."

Santosh Pillai, CEO of Aurona Technologies Limited said, "We have created the console game 'Hanuman: Boy Warrior' to capture the hearts and minds of India's current and aspiring game players and their families."

Using the PS2 console, the player helps the hero to fight evildoers at several mystical landscapes of the epic period, he said.

"We believe the game has the necessary ingredients to become a classic," added Pillai.

The game was conceived and developed at Aurona's Hyderabad Studio, which included the project team ranging from game developers and programmers to artists and quality analysis (QA) engineers.

"Boy Warrior is a trademark in the Indian game market and credit also goes to Sony's management in London and Mumbai as it was their commitment that inspired us to complete the game dot on time," Pillai concluded.