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    A poem by our beloved leader..

    I went west and won, who seeks love to the west should go
    And the esteemed rose high to their renowned status

    Whoever desires must endeavour
    Today has glory, forget the glories of the past

    Between a lion in his lair and a lion coloured
    With blood, the difference? Guides you the bloodied tooth

    Oh scribe of glory, of those who attain it write
    Our youth who bear its flags and banners

    Immoderate rider, be not downhearted nor outraged
    We accept only first and are always leading

    From my love of hardships I am elated when more difficult
    I am accustomed to hardships, eager to confront them

    I exhausted the unyielding land without tiring
    I exhausted the birds in the sky and my accusers


    I win and never am beaten, how can one win and be beaten?
    And whoever challenges winners must beat them

    At zero hour even a veteran
    Knows confusion, fear and panic

    If increased, his worries, he eats not and does not drink
    And if extended beyond limits, his worries, never sleeps

    We were, and they were, swiftly galloping
    Land is the saddle, the reins and the bridle

    Horses understand who on their backs rides
    If he is determined, steadfastly pulls the reins

    We won and all Arabs by our victory win
    This victory we present to nations and rulers

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    he is really inspiring..

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