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Thread: Slumdog quarter billionaire

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    Slumdog quarter billionaire

    Slumdog millionaire has been topping the news for quite some time and to add a cherry on the icing, Rahman and Resul Pookutty brought India the Oscars. When we are wondering why this movie has become so close to Americans as the movie has crossed $125 million in domestic circuit alone we come across a report which makes our research much more complicated. A movie which was made at a nominal budget of $15 million and a movie whose producer was unable to find a distributor and decided to release it straight to DVD has collected a whopping $250 million worldwide(almost Rs. 1250 crores).

    Slumdog millionaire just became quarter billionaire and still showing no signs of coming down the box-office charts in both US and UK. Slumdog became the biggest movie for Fox searchlight worldwide and will soon become its highest grossing movie in the US markets too by beating the Teen pregnant saga Juno which accumulated $140 million. By the end of its theatrical run this rags to riches story will come close to the magical $300 million mark.

    It is also the biggest movie based on India, beating Gandhi which has an adjusted worldwide gross coming very close to $200 million. Bend it like bekham, which made $72 million worldwide, Monsoon wedding with a total close to $31 million and Bride and Prejudice which made almost $25 million worldwide takes the next three positions. We do have come up with lot of theories of a movie instilling hope in these troubled recession time is the reason for its thunderous behavior at the ticket window or the sheer energy of this musical treat which was much needed for the audience who were offered more blood and gore to quench their thirst. Film analysts are still at bay in this area of research and maybe we will never be able to find the proper answer and the age old sentence still holds true, Audience are unpredictable.


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    nice info...

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