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Thread: How to Choose a Wall Color?

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    How to Choose a Wall Color?

    How to Choose a Wall Color?


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    Think about the purpose of the room you are decorating. For example, the kitchen, living room and dining room are social rooms that may do better with warm colors. The hallways, study and bedrooms are calmer and may do better with cool colors. Pay attention to the way you feel in the room now and how you would like to feel.
    Choose a warm or cool palette, or choose a combination. Warm colors, consisting of yellows, oranges and reds, tend to stimulate your mind. Cool colors consist of blues, greens and purples, and tend to calm and relax your mind. Combining the two creates visual interest but may also cause an unsettling atmosphere.
    Use your favorite color. Look at your clothes, paintings and existing furniture. Is there a color you just love? If you connect with a color, you may be more comfortable with it painted on the walls. Consider this logic when choosing colors seems overwhelming. Throw out any possibilities that you just do not like and focus on the ones that invoke memories or positive thoughts.

    Look at a color wheel. Notice the families of colors and color schemes. A complimentary color scheme uses colors across from each other on the color wheel. This scheme is best for more formal areas such as the living room or dining room. An analogous color scheme uses colors next to each other on the color wheel. This scheme is best used in more informal rooms such as a family room, den or bedroom. You may want to think of this when decorating with existing furniture and accessories.
    Choose a paint finish—matte or glossy. A glossy finish gives more drama and also reflects more light, making a room feel brighter. A matte or flat finish will reflect less light, cutting back on glare and drama.

    Ask for advice. If you are still clueless, or maybe just need an extra push in the right direction, ask the assistant at a paint store or an interior designer for an opinion. Hardware stores often carry magazines and color books showing real rooms painted with specific paint colors to show you how it might actually look in your space. This will give you great ideas and hopefully that extra confidence to go for it.

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