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Thread: 5 People Indian Politics Needs

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    5 People Indian Politics Needs

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    I donít think Obama needs an introduction. The Times magazine Person of the Year 2008 and the US President-elect is the most rocking guy indeed. Obama has won millions of hearts across the globe and created history. Obama on his way for to change in the United States could do a whole lot more good if he joins politics in India. Here in India we certainly need a change and someone like Barack Obama is the perfect candidate.

    George Bush, the funniest President ever, could prove beneficial to India. His clear cut shock and awe strategy might just eradicate the bumpkin terrorism in the country. I know a lot of people wonít agree with me on having Bush but Iím sick of the frequent bombings across the nation. Come on Bush, we donít throw shoes at anyone.

    Sarah Palin could add up to the heat in the Indian Parliament. We donít have any good looking babe in Indian politics and Palin might just be the perfect entry. I donít know about other things but the attendance problem at the Lok Sabha will be a long gone problem.

    Hillary Clinton is one person that I feel can change the face of Indian politics. Sheís intelligent and she knows her job. She could do a lot for the women centric problems we have in India. She came quite close in her battle against Barack Obama.

    The only Non-American on my list Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, must also join Indian politics. He thinks outside the box. A true leader, Nicolas is what our country needs the most at this current crises. We may not have been hit by the Global Recession but terrorism has bought us down and boiled us up.

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