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Thread: 6 easy ways to look your best Today

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    6 easy ways to look your best Today

    6 easy ways to look your best Today

    1. Help keep your smile bright with grapefruit juice.
    The vitamin C found in grapefruit juice helps keep your gums healthy by supporting collagen production, and healthy, pink gums are the first step to a beautiful smile. Plus, the light-hued juice won’t stain your teeth like darker juices, such as grape juice or prune juice, can.

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    2.Give your hair a cold shower.
    Skip the expensive, silicone-laden shine treatments. One cheap and easy route to shiny hair is cold water! Give your head a final rinse under the cold tap before you get out of the shower. Cold water closes the hair shaft, leaving it extra shiny.

    3. Eat your way to silky skin.
    Did you know your overall diet and health regimen may contribute to smooth, supple skin? The vitamin C found in grapefruit and 100 percent grapefruit juice supports collagen production to help give skin a healthy glow - prime for the Hollywood spotlight. Collagen breakdown in the skin may contribute to the appearance of wrinkles.

    4. Buff your way to perfect nails.
    Who has time for a professional manicure these days? Get beautiful nails that require a lot less upkeep at home with a nail buffer. This ingenious little gadget will make your nails shine like glass with minimal effort!

    5. Trying to lose weight?
    Celebrity trainer and food coach Valerie Waters advises her clients to snack smarter by keeping two, 150-calorie snacks on hand each day. Instead of chips or candy bars, bring celery slices and peanut butter or fresh grapefruit slices and a handful of almonds to work with you. Planning your snacks ahead of time also will curb mid-day trips to the vending machine.

    6. Brighten up with bronzer.
    Dull, pale winter skin can ring a death knell for beauty. Perk up your complexion with a few well-placed strokes of bronzer to add a healthy glow, and you might not need to wear anything else on your face! Use bronzer for contouring and a little extra color. Don’t apply too much, though, lest you be mistaken for a spray tan victim!

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    very informative................. gud post..........

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