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Thread: How to keep your boyfriend/fiance/husband Happy.

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    How to keep your boyfriend/fiance/husband Happy.

    How to keep your boyfriend/fiance/husband Happy
    So you think you found the man of your dreams right? You think about him all day everyday. Then, several months later, the number of out-on-the-town dates decrease, you stop dressing up and then both of you fall into a routine; wake up, shower, work, dinner, T.V/computer time, and then bed. You think he is bored. He wants something new. You two are beginning to argue more often and starting to fall apart. You want to change it but what do you do? How do you keep your man interested and happy? In this article you will learn how to keep him happy. What keeps him interested and how you are going to do it (before it is too late)!


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    You need to put in 110% effort in this relationship. If you feel like it is too late to put in your whole heart into the relationship, then get out now. If there is hope, give it your all. Let him know that you want things to change. Ask him if he is happy. If he isn't, it is definately time to change.
    Stroke his ego. Make him feel great about everything he does. Don't over do it, just a few time a day will work great. If you do it more than that it will look like you are just kissing his bum.

    Look as great, if not better, than you use to. You know what he likes and what he doesn't. Dress up for him, make him feel like you still do care. If you put on some weight and want to lose it then work hard to lose it. Remember, if you have gained weight you can still be beautiful. (You don't have to be a size 2 to look great).
    Show him you love him. Write him love notes. Make him his favorite dinner. Put in his favorite movie while you massage his back. You know what makes him happy. Just postive and strong. Goodluck!

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    hmmmmm....kaash mere GF hute aur esse

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