1.Call her the next day.
2.Always laugh at her jokes.
3.Tell her (truthfully) that you can't wait to see her again
4.Offer her a backrub, without asking for one in return.
5.Call her just to say you were thinking about her.
6.Bring her a teddy bear and chicken soup when she's sick.
7.Write her a poem.
8.Slow dance with her (not only on a dance floor).
9.Bring her flowers for no reason.
10.Send her a (handwritten) letter just to say hello.
11.Always remember your anniversaries and bring her something sweet.
12.Kiss her in the middle of a sentence.
13.Take her for a walk at sunset and stay to look up at the stars.
14.Tell her something about you that no one else knows.
15.Remind her that you still think she's beautiful.
16.Take a bubble bath together.
17.Watch a sappy movie with her.
18.Surprise her with a candle light dinner.
19.Never stop trying to impress her.
20.Tell her you love her
21.Never forget how much she means to you.