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Thread: If you want to have Paradise

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    If you want to have Paradise

    Respected All,

    Imagine if you are standing in front of Allah on the
    judgment day & you
    are questioned about your deeds & you are not quite
    sure about them &
    suddenly a mountain of good deeds comes & you don't
    know from where...

    It is by saying *Subhanallahi wa bihamdihi Subhanallahil
    Azeem* & 2
    double this good work send this message to all the people
    you know.....

    Note: - This is an amanat with you...

    1. Sura Yasin reliefs from azaab in the grave.

    2. Sura Rehman will make you rich.

    3. Sura Alwaqiya will release you from hunger.

    4. Sura Al Mulk brings light in your grave.

    5. Sura Al Jasia will bring peace in your life.

    Plz forward this message. INSHALLAH you will be a part of
    the chain of
    sawab that comes along.

    Jazakallah Khair Al Jazaa.

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    Masha Allah

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