One Beep :
DRAM refresh failure
This may be due to - Bad memory chips
- A bad DMA Chip
- Bad memory addressing chips on the motherboard

Two Beeps :
Parity error or Parity Circuit failure
Your memory may not be seated properly on the mother board.
Unplug and plug it properly

Three Beeps :

Quote:Bad memory or bad mother board

Four beeps :

Quote:Timer failure in the RAM.

Five Beeps :

Quote:CPU chip may be dead

Six Beeps :

Quote:Keyboard controller may have failed

Seven beeps :

Quote:CPU is dead. Retry the connections and test.
Replace the whole motherboard.

Eight Beeps :

Quote:Video card is missing or Bad.

Nine Beeps :

Quoteamaged ROM BIOS. BIOS chip has to be replaced if it persists.

Ten Beeps :

Quote:CMOS shutdown. Replace CMOS memory and associated chips.

Eleven Beeps :
Cache memory test has failed.
To enable cache memory try CTRL+ALT+SHIFT++.

One long Beep and Three short Beeps:

Quote:Memory failure

One long Beep and Eight short Beeps :
Quote:Video card failure. Try to install video card in another slot.

No Beeps :
Quote:Check Power supply
Check mother board connections
Remove all cards except video card and check for system power up
Insert all cards one at a time and check their operation.
If system hangs on the installation of a particular card, then it is the cause for the problem and replace it with another of that type and check