Four ex-college students get kicked from their college(yes they are still in there college for 10 years) and while on the run from a gangster hides in a house of a blind couple.

The story is good but its not perfect and has its loopholes. But comedies are not meant to be perfect anyway. But it provides the laugh and the fun factor a comedy promises.

Performance wise, i thought the performance of the underdog Tusshar Kapoor was the best among the four. Sharwan Johsi, Arsad Warsi and Ajay Devgan suited their role and are fantastic in this film. The four have great rapport on screen and their comic timing is fabulous. Paresh Rawal is as always good though he didn't have many comic lines. Rimi Sen didn't have much to do expect look pretty and dance on numbers.

The music is very good. Especially the title track.

Screenplay is good and moves the story forward at a good pace.


This film is highly recommended from me. Its hilarious all the way. Its just superb!

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