1. The school bus transports school kids, teachers and supervisors to the school and brings them back, as is normal practice. This is about the KG school bus, whose supervisor used to travel by her own car.
One day she was forced to take the school bus, as her car was in garage.
While seated in bus, she was nagged by a KG kids all through the journey wid the kid constantly saying, "M'am ,I have a problem..please listen to me". Since, the supervisor was tired and with so much of noise around in bus (you can imagine wid KG kids in a bus), she kept telling the kid, "Yes, my child...come to me in school tomorrow..I will solve your problem...now go and sit quietly".
The kid kept insisting on her to hear his probolme and she kept telling him the same thing.

Finally, the supervisor got down at her stop.


The next day, the moment the supervisor reached her room, she found the same kid standing outside.
She called the kid in and said, " Yes, my child...now tell me what your problem is. I will do my best to solve it".

Kid, " M'am, you were sitting on my seat yesterday"!!
The supervisor was dumb-struck and didnt know where to look.

2. A newly married South Indian couple moved in a new flat in Dubai.While the husband worked, the wife was a housewife.The husband knew good hindi but the wife just about managed to speak a few words and translate from english to hindi,, to convey her thoughts.
One day the laundryman come to the house with a bundle of clothes to be given to the house. The lady of the house too had clothes to be given for laundry.
As the laundry man kept the bundle down on floor, the lady said, " tum apna kapda nikalo...aur mein bhi apna kapda nikaal kar aati hoon".

When she returned with the bundle, the laundry man had vanished.

Wife narrated the incident to her hubby and wondered why the man had vanished.Her hubby told her, "He went to get another couple of guys working with him".