Dreamy beaches, silky warm seas, lush scenery, and endless sunshine: These are some of the top ingredients of the ideal tropical vacation. But each destination offers its own sultry charms. Some dazzle with their natural beauty. Others add cultural attractions to the mix, with exotic customs, architecture, and mouthwatering cuisine. A few offer eco-adventures and wildlife-rich wilderness, and some sleepy islands seem to take you back in time.

Tropical getaways are what vacation dreams are made of. Swaying palms, powder-fine sands, and clear blue waters—what’s not to like? Well, stop dreaming and listen up! “Tropical” doesn’t have to mean prohibitively expensive: booking a rental home can make that tropical daydream a reality without blowing your lodging budget. With a rental property from TripAdvisor, you’ll have the advantage of more space, added privacy, and maybe even your own backyard or beachfront! Cocktail under a palm tree, anyone?

The best tropical vacation destinations stand out for their natural beauty and also for the range of activities to help visitors make the most of their getaway. Our round-up includes locations particularly recommended for activities like deep-sea fishing, scuba-diving, rainforest hikes, city tours, and gentle cruises.

These 21 breathtaking places are among the best tropical vacations in the world. How many have you visited? Warning: Your wanderlust wish list may get a little longer after reading this round-up…

As soon as I think of travel, it’s not long before my mind drifts to white sand beaches, azure blue water, and palm trees in tropical locales. When most people think of paradise, chances are they’re thinking of tropical islands is far-flung corners of the world. Lounging with a good book, drinking from coconuts, soaking up the rays. Does it get any better than that?

Best tropical vacation destinations Tropical islands are that peaceful escape where the days drift by, the problems of the world melt away, and time slows down.

They are a sanctuary.

I spent a month living on an island in Thailand and it remains one of the best months of my entire life.

I’m an avid beach lover. The sun and I get along quite well and there’s nothing I’d rather do than live on a tropical island someday.

Having grown up in Boston and spent many years living in New York City, one of the main purposes of my travels is to avoid winter.

Give me a beach and I am a happy man.

I’ve been to many of the best tropical islands in the world (and there are so many of them). After over a decade of travel and countless hours staring out into the ocean, I’ve done the “hard” research so you don’t have to! If you’re looking for a tropical island to go on your next vacation, here are a list of my favorites!

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