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Thread: How to Love Your Job When You Donít

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    How to Love Your Job When You Donít

    How to Love Your Job When You Donít

    We hold these truths to be self evident; that all people should do what they love and that they are endowed by their creator with certain entitlements, that among these are to become millionaires, retire early, and be happy.
    And if you hate what you do, but at least are wealthy from it,These tips are for you...
    We look down on anyone who has a job, just for the sake of money. Times, however, are looking tougher, recession fears are high, and belt-tightening is being heard across the country. As politicians scramble to assemble a stimulus package that will keep people from leaping to a Depression, it is time to reevaluate your job.


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    1. Nothing can make you happy.

    Not even your job. Happiness is a choice. There is no guarantee that getting another job will make you happy. And you definitely wonít be happy in an unemployment line.

    2. Love the one youíre with.
    If you canít like your job, then look forward to dealing with who you work with. If you donít like your job and you donít like who you work with, one has to ask why you are purposefully making yourself miserable.

    3. Do your best.
    I didnít say ďbe the bestĒ, and for good reason. Sometimes you will be confronted with jobs that are not in your job description and that you have never done. You can also be sure that, in a recession, employers are looking for Swiss Army Employees.

    Not only does the Swiss Army Employee slice, dice, and julienne, but the Swiss Army Employee also makes copies, does minor trouble shooting, is willing to hand deliver that package, as well as calculate financials and manage projects.

    Whatever you are presented with, do it with pride in a job well done. Your work ethic should extend to the care with which you make coffee or the verve with which you stay late.

    Date your job. Remember your interview. Werenít you excited? Willing to do anything to get them to hire you? Convinced that this was going to be the job nirvana you have been searching for?

    Nothing is perfect; not people and not jobs.

    Do you have your own office? Are your supervisors supportive and understanding? Are allowed to listen to music at your desk? Are you conveniently located next to the kitchen?

    Whatever it is, be thankful for what you have. Donít take your perks for granted anymore. Concentrate on the positive aspects of where you work.

    5. Let them eat cake.
    People love food. People especially love free food. There is a very good reason that food is present at almost every major life event: first date, office party, birthday party. The way to love is through your stomach.

    Start making cookies. Bring in a pie. If you canít cook, leave a bag of pretzels in the breakroom.

    Youíll be contributing to a happier work environment and a happier you when people start to thank you and wax poetic on how delicious your concoction is.

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    useful post...especially for

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