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Thread: How to surprise your mother

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    How to surprise your mother

    How to surprise your mother

    I will come back mother kissing your luscious head
    Divulging my longing to you and sipping your right hand's essence
    Nuzzling my cheek in your feet's soil
    Watering the ground with my joyful tears


    How many nights were you sleepless working to get me sleeping like a kid
    And how many times you were thirsty but you worked to water me with all tenderness
    And I will never forget those rainy eyes when I was sick
    Your restless eyes scared of any danger may happen to me

    And what about the farewell in that dawn, what a hard dawn it was
    No heart can ever describe the abandonment faced by me
    Then you said something I couldn't forget up til now
    Its impossible that you will find warm arms than mine

    Oh my mother, The Creator of the Universe has commanded me to be loyal to you
    Your content is the good future and your love is my faith's sparkle
    Don't be sad mother, here I am, I come to you with my teary eyes.
    Don't be sad mother, there will be no separation from now on until the separation of death.

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    How to surprise your mother
    Send your mother a bouquet of flowers as a surprise to her home, office, or a place she volunteers.
    Surprise your mom by flying to her for a special brunch, dinner, weekend, or special occasion.
    Make a home-made gift for her that she can save and cherish for years to come: home-made card, May basket, self-written poem, book of poems with illustrations or photos you took, photo album of pictures of you together throughout the years...
    Take her out to a nice dinner! Give her a favorite meal - you may even consider making her a home-cooked meal!
    Take her on a vacation with you and your family to a place she would enjoy.
    Give her the gift of a night or weekend at a bed & breakfast or other short get-away.
    Decorate her office or a room in her home - if you have access.
    Throw her a surprise party and invite her friends and neighbors.
    Send her a special gift she has been wanting for years.
    Give her a certificate for a facial, nail salon, hair salon, spa, massage, etc.
    Take her to a mother-daughter banquet at a nearby church - some even offer entertainment and meal at a surcharge or offering.
    Tell her I LOVE YOU via one or multiple calls - sounds simple, but goes a long way!

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    I love my mother, shez the best ever in this universe.... Mom im missing u here too much.. i love u....

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    i love mine alot........

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    i will say nothing......coz i have no words to explain how much i love my mom....

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