Explaining Pregnancy to a Child

How to explain about pregnancy to a child of the 21st century,

when bees, flowers, seeds, stork are out of fashion?

Today, the explanation is modern...

The son asks his father: - Dad, how was I born?

Well, my son, one day we knew we would talk about it,
so I'll explain what you need to know:

One day, Mom and Dad connected to facebook and became friends.

Dad sent a tweet inviting Mom to go to a cybercafé.

We found that we had many links and likes in common and we understood each other very well.

When we were not on the laptop, we would talk on Whats App and Skype.

And we were giving more likes, until one day we decided to share our files.

Dad introduced his USB stick to Mom's USB port.

When the files were downloaded, we realized that we had forgotten the security software and that we had no firewall or snapshot filter.

It was too late to cancel the download and it was impossible to delete the files, generating the message "INSTALLATION SUCCESSFUL".