Sometimes you keep aside some amount of money for the gym, thinking it will motivate you. And it strikes, you have visited the gym only twice a month after paying for the entire month. Maybe you find it annoying or you are not getting enough time. However, a proper weight loss diet with the right food items can aid your weight loss.

Include the following food items in your weight loss diet and switch on the fat release mode on:

1) Protein: They are a powerhouse for many reasons – promotes healthy skin, hair, nails, bones, and muscle. It is a fabulous weight-loss food

2) Vitamin C: They are unique food item to fend off cold. But do you know they hold a reputation as weight-loss food?

3) Honey: This natural sweetener has shown signs of reducing weight and body fat when substituted for sugar

4) Cocoa: They contain more phenolic antioxidants than most foods. Cocoa prevents injury and inflammation, protects skin from UV radiation, and much more

5) Vinegar: The liquid that comes along with your salad, helps you feel full. It can lessen the glycaemic effect of a meal