If you have been following a weight loss diet that has not given you the desired results, then this is the right place to be. Losing weight is a daunting task. Not only do you have to cut down on excess calorie intake but also keep a regular check on your exercise regime.

These weight loss diet tips should help you lose weight with immediate effect:

1) Portion control plays an essential role in weight management. The idea behind weight loss is eating fewer calories, and this is where portion control comes in the picture

2) Drink water an hour before the meal. This boost body metabolism to a great extent. Drinking water also bring you to the point of satiety that lessen the calorie intake during meals

3) An excellent detox tip is to consume green tea. Apart from nourishing the skin, regular consumption promotes weight loss, owing to its rich antioxidants and catechins

4) Avoid fizzy drinks. Fizzy and carbonated beverages are a big no-no. They are loaded with artificial sugar, and that stops you from losing extra pounds