Every man needs to maintain their hair, be it long or short, thick or thin, straight or curly. An expensive haircut is of no use if it isnít taken care of. With regular hair-care tips, your hair will not grow faster or look good.

Flaunt your hair with these hair growth tips:

∑ Do not over-wash your hair
∑ Dry the hair gently. Do not rub it
∑ Get rid of the comb-over
∑ Use a conditioner that includes eggs
∑ Avoid using chlorine
∑ Use lesser products for your hair
∑ Cut down on heat
∑ Trim whenever necessary
∑ Always take a cold shower
∑ Keep it natural
∑ Eat healthy food item
∑ Avoid wearing tight hats

Follow these hair growth tips and check the difference for yourself