) Aerometer : Instrument for measuring weight and density of air and gases.
2) Altimeter : Instrument used in aircraft to measure altitude.
3) Ammeter : Instrument used to measure electrical current flowing in a circuit.
4) Anemometer : Instrument to measure the force and velocity of wind.
5) Audiometer : Instrument to measure intensity of sound.
6) Barometer : Instrument used to measure the atmospheric pressure.
7) Calorimeter : Instrument used for measuring quantities of heat.
8) Cardiogram : A medical instrument for tracing heart movements.
9) Crescograph : Instrument for use in recording growth of plants.
10) Dynamo : Instrument for transforming mechanical energy into electrical energy.
11) Fathometer : Instrument used for measuring depth of the ocean.
12) Geiger Counter : Instrument for recording the amount of radiation emitted by a source of radio-activity.
13) Hydrometer : Instrument used for measuring the specific gravity of liquids
14) Hydrophone : Instrument used for recording sound under water
15) Hygrometer : Instrument for measuring the amount of water vapours (humidity) in the atmosphere.
16) Kymograph : Instrument used to record graphically various physiological movements i.e., blood pressure,heart beating, study of lungs etc. in living beings.
17) Lactometer : Aparatus used for measuring the purity of milk.
18) Manometer : Apparatus used for determining the pressure of a gas.
19) Odometer : Instrument by which the distance covered by wheeled vehicles is recorded.
20) Oscillograph : Instrument for recording electrical or mechanical vibrations.
21) Photometer : Apparatus used to compare the illuminating power of two sources of light.
22) Pyrometer : Instrument for recording high temperatures froma great distance.
23) Radiometer : Instrument for measuring the emission of radiant energy.
24) Rain gauge : Apparatus for recording of rainfall at a particular piece.
25) Refractometer : Instrument to measure refractive indices.
26) Saccharimeter : Instrument for determining the amount of sugar in a solution.
27) Sextant : An optical instrument used for finding out the altitude of celestial bodies and their angular distances.
28) Sphygmomanometer : Instrument used for measuring arterial bolld- pressure.
29) Spherometer : Instrument for measuring curvature of surfaces.
30) Seismograph : Instrument used for recording earthquake shocks.
31) Tachometer : Instrument for determining speeds of aeroplanes and motor boats.
32) Thermostat : Instrument used to regulate the temperature to a particular degree.
33) Transformer : An electrical apparatus used to convert high voltage to low and vice versa