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Thread: how to get smooth legs without shaving

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    how to get smooth legs without shaving

    How to get smooth legs without shaving

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    for details watch video below

    Did it work?
    Yes, I have fair hairs but they're visible in the sun and this removed even the tricky ones on the knee.

    Does it smell?
    It's not a fresh scent, it smells similar to a perm in my opinion so open the windows. It's strong!

    Why did you put jeans on?
    After hair removal I usually put my dressing gown on for a few hours as I tend to do it at night then wear loose clothing. As this was for a video I wanted to show a "get ready step" so put the jeans I had been wearing back on. Also can I point out I don't remove hair for anyone else or to please anyone. I do it for me so don't feel the need to only do it when I'm going to be in public.

    Do I need to you only these products?
    No but I haven't tried other ones so can't see if they work or not

    Is this permanent?
    No. You wouldn't get anything permanent from a product like this. You need to look into laser or other methods that damage the root of the hair. This is temporary so only removes hair to the surface so regrowth happens the same as shaving.

    Does it hurt?
    Not at all but I wouldn't recommend on sensitive skin

    How come you don't have black dots?
    Those black dots are the visible hairs in the pore. It's to do with how dark your hairs are. You might find even when you shave you have black dots. That's because you can still see the hair it's just below the surface. The only way to get rid of them would be to remove the entire hair. Also some people have large visible pores so basically everyone is different and products can't really help that issue. I'd wax or try laser and exfoliate a few times a week, obviously not after waxing or laser btw!

    Does hair grow back stronger?
    No. You are only taking off the visible part of the hair shaft. The rest and bulb are below the surface so will regrow depending on the stage of the hairs cycle. Some hairs may seem like they're growing faster than others.

    Please make sure you read this before commenting as it's difficult replying to them all especially is they're mostly the same questions.

    Here's another How-To: This time I'm showing you how I remove hair without shaving, it's pain-free, there's no cuts or razors burns. It's a little messier but good for those not used to razors.

    PS this Bliss product says it has a fresh scent, no, it's definitely not as nice as that. You will need to open a window when you use this, it's a little pony. It works a treat though and left my legs very smooth afterwards, not just hair-free but the skin felt smooth too.

    Btw I deserve mega thumbs up for this, I left my legs without shaving for 2 weeks to do this because I wanted to see how well this one worked! I'm so impressed!!!! Even my knees are completely smooth. Incase you're wondering, I wasn't paid, or compensated in any way to make this video. I just genuinely get excited about products that actually do what they say they will.

    Click here to read more about kangana and her smooth legs

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