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    About Jesus

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    answers to frequently asked questions…

    GOD'S STORY: From Creation to Eternity
    Why did the Creator come to Earth and die for our sins? Learn what happened, from the beginning. Read, watch, listen!

    Search for
    Who was Jesus, really? What did he say about himself? What evidence is there to support what he said? How and why did Jesus actually die? Did he really rise from the dead? …and much more

    What single event had the power to SPLIT TIME? (Flash presentation) - GO

    His Story…
    Read our ILLUSTRATED SUMMARY of Jesus Christ's story, beginning just before his birth—or begin with the prophecies of his birth

    …OR watch our 80-minute feature film that explains from THE VERY BEGINNING, in Genesis, the whole story of Christ, why he came, who he was, and what he accomplished (highly-recommended)

    Where did Jesus get his name? Answer
    includes summary of Jesus Christ's ministry years

    What does the name “Christ” mean? Answer

    His Claims…

    The Messiah - Was Jesus really him? Answer

    What messianic prophecies were fulfilled by Jesus Christ? Answer

    Answers to objections raised by some Jews - GO

    What are the statistical odds surrounding Jesus Christ? Answer

    Is Jesus Christ a man, or is he God? Answer

    If Jesus is God, how could he die? If Jesus died on the cross, then how can he be alive today? Answer

    Was Jesus God, manifest in human form? Answer

    Is Jesus Christ really God? Answer

    If Jesus was the Son of God, why did He call Himself the Son of Man? Answer

    Trinity - How can one God be three persons? Answer

    Character - Is Christ's character consistent with his high claims? Answer

    Who did Jesus claim to be? Answer (off-site)

    Names of God

    His Birth…

    Read the storyDiscover popular misconceptions about Jesus Christ's birth
    Was Jesus born in a stable? Answer

    What was the star of Bethlehem? Answer

    Isn't the virgin birth of Jesus Christ mythological and scientifically impossible? Answer

    His Life and Miracles…

    Read the storyAccuracy - Is the Bible's account of Christ's life accurate? Answer

    “Miracles are not possible,” some claim. Is this true? Answer

    Is it LOGICAL to believe that the biblical miracles really happened? Answer

    MIRACLES, more information and listing Read

    Has science disproved the miracles associated with Jesus Christ? Answer

    Could Christ have sinned? Answer

    Archaeology - Have any burial sites been found for the people involved in Christ's life and death? Answer

    What has archaeology shown about the town of Capernaum where Jesus spent much of his life and ministry? Answer

    How do we know the Bible is true? Answer

    What about all those contradictions? Answer

    If the Bible is the Word of God, how can you explain the contradictions of the Bible? Answer

    How can the Bible be infallible if it was written by fallible humans? Answer

    Was the PBS television series accurate, Frontline: From Jesus to Christ, the First Christians Answer

    Is THE DA VINCI CODE “the most serious assault against Christianity”? Answer

    “The Jesus Seminar” - Are their criticisms of the gospels valid? Answer

    “The Jesus Seminar” - Who do they really speak for? Answer

    His Death…

    Read what happened
    How did Jesus die? Answer
    Learn the facts.

    Sweating blood - Did Jesus really do it? Answer

    Did Jesus really die? Answer

    What is crucifixion? Answer

    What does Islam teach about the crucifixion of Jesus? Answer

    On what kind of cross was Jesus crucified? Answer

    Why the different inscriptions on the cross? Answer

    What does the inscription “INRI” mean? Answer

    If Jesus is God, how could he die? If Jesus died on the cross, then how can he be alive today? Answer

    Read the story

    His Resurrection…

    Easter and the Resurrection
    Easter-related questions and answers for skeptics, kids' activities, and valuable resources. - GO

    See archaeological evidence in support of the Bible. Our team of experts answers your questions about the Bible and archaeology.
    The Resurrection of Christ - What happened? Who saw Jesus alive after his death? Why was his resurrection important? Answer

    Is the resurrection a myth? Answer

    Resurrection - Did Christ really rise from the dead? Answer

    Were the witnesses hallucinating? Answer

    Was Christ's body stolen? Answer

    Was Jesus Christ buried in the wrong tomb? Or an unknown tomb? Answer

    What's so important about all this? Answer

    Is “Easter” mentioned in the Bible? Answer

    His Message…

    Try the ultimate test.Your eternal salvation - How can I be saved from Hell? (available in many languages) Answer

    Jesus Christ greatly humbled himself for us. How and Why? Answer

    An Interview With God

    Eternal salvation - Answers to your questions

    HELL - What did Jesus say about it? Is it a real place? Answer

    On a journey filled with ultimate questions? Meet Ethan Johnson, your traveling companion…
    [ View Film ]

    Read the Bible for yourself. Our special online edition is easy to use (read, browse or search). If you are new to the Bible, try starting at the book of John.Other Questions…
    Was Jesus Christ only a legend? Answer

    India - Did Jesus go to India as a child and learn from Hindu Gurus? Answer

    Mormonism - What is the significance of Easter for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Answer

    Is Jesus Christ the answer to your questions?
    Learn more
    More questions?
    Kids' Questions | Bible Archaeology | Bible & Theology | Religions | Creation/Evolution | Sex, Love and Relationships | Family and Marriage | Social Issues & Government | Youth Questions | Our domain home page

    Games and activities
    CROSSWORD PUZZLE - The“ I AM’s” of Jesus

    WORDSEARCH GAMES - Including Easter / Jesus Will Return! - More

    MAZE - The Crazy Streets of Jerusalem

    Hey Kids! Coloring pages about Jesus!

    More games

    Bible stories for kids, in our Kid Explorers™ section

    Recommended Resources…
    The HOPE

    Available in numerous languages and versions
    Our top recommendation for soul-winning films! Our culture has lost it’s knowledge of Creation, the Fall, God’s judgments, the true identity of Jesus, and the redemptive plan that He began long ago to save a world lost in sin. The HOPE clearly explains the way of salvation, chronologically, starting in Genesis. This movie has it all! Quality / Clear biblical message / Multi-cultural. Special quantity discounts. View this movie here on-line.
    [More Details] US$1499

    The Case for Faith

    featuring Lee Stroebel
    In “The Case for Faith” journalist Lee Strobel investigates two of the most emotional objections to Christianity. Barriers to faith confronted by believers and skeptics alike: Why is Jesus the only way to God? And how could a loving God exist if there is evil and suffering in the world?
    [More Details] US$2199


    The epic story of the tragedy and triumph of the most controversial life in human history! Witness the most remarkable story of passion, intrigue, pain and glory, as you are taken back two thousand years to the life of Jesus Christ. Valuable for evangelism and education.
    [More Details] US$2495

    The Story of Jesus for Children

    by the producers of the “Jesus” film
    If you want to reach a child with the message of Jesus in a compelling, understandable, and exciting way, “The Story of Jesus for Children” is the tool youve been looking for! This is the story of Jesus shared through the eyes of children who lived during the time He was here on earth.
    [More Details] US$1999

    We have assembled a list of recommended educational and dramatic videos about Jesus Christ. Our staff has carefully reviewed each one. Because we have found that virtually all of them are difficult to find in stores, we are now making them available for your convenience with easy, on-line ordering and same day shipping.

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    brother i think u have copied a full page from a website , with out editing any thing , please read what you have posted here.

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    hahaahahah....yea u r rite admin...

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    i just want to give a small introduction , that what Muslims think about Jesus

    Islam and Jesus

    We Muslims believe that Jesus ( Hazrat Eesa) was a Holy Prophet of God (Allah) . He was a kind and pious man. He was born without father by a Miracle.

    He did not died , but Allah raised him to the skies.
    Before the end of Times , he will come back on Earth.

    We have a great respect for him. Any Shia , Sunni , any Muslim , who belongs to any firqa , cant deny about Jesus.

    Muslims believe that Jesus was a Holy Prophet. He was not son of God.

    We believe in Oneness of God/Allah
    God has no father , no son , no daughters.

    These are the teachings of Islam , You may disagree with our believes.

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    yea admin u r rite, coz i heard the same and have studied more about him...

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