You can watch The Romanovs - An Imperial Family [2000] with English subtitle


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The documentary maintains that the Tsar was "held personally responsible" when one and a half million Russians were killed or wounded during World War One. Has any documentary or the Russian people held Stalin "personally responsible" when 20 to 26 million Russians were killed during World War Two subsequent to that dictator's joint invasion of Poland with Hitler? Not likely. During World War One the documentary characterizes the Romanov family as happily picnicking on the lawn "shielded by discontent in the charmed life" of their "gold leaf" Winter Palace. In fact, the Romanovs lived a fairly middle class existence residing in the much smaller Alexander Palace and spent the duration of the war--not picnicking--but with the Tsar & his son at the front and the Tsarina and her two elder daughters working as nurses tending the wounded. Incidentally, nearly 100 years later Russians still don't have the "democratic freedoms" the half witted historians insist they were "hungering for".