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Lacey was born without arms. She is 4 years old and just started walking the beginning of this year. She's very independent and has a lot of determination and spirit. God has a special purpose for her, and we wouldn't trade Lacey for anything.

I want to thank the people who have kind words to say about my granddaughter. She is now 51/2 and come along way since this video was taken. Those kind words mean a lot to us. For the people who are assuming about Lacey's home life. DON'T! Lacey's mother ( my daughter) is a part of her life, and her father is not. I do have guardianship and have had Lacey since she was born. For you few who have nothing but derogatory remarks to say about my granddaughter. SHAME ON YOU! She is only 5 years old with a heart if gold. It wasn't her fault she was born without arms. She is not the only person with a limb difference in this word. What about the Vets who come home with missing limbs, and have to learn how to do things totally different. There is so much hate and discontent in the world as it is, and to to bully my granddaughter just breaks my heart. If your going to make any comments think about all that's going on in today's society. I wish everyone could just try and get along. I feel better now. God bless!

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